“Human Resources: Building the Future”

Time for the big expansion on the season finale episode of “Human Resources”! Airing tonight at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, you will see the enormous new area TerraCycle has expanded to and completely upcycled.

Conveniently located next door to the original TerraCycle headquarters, the building is a mass open space with plenty of conference rooms and individual offices. The only setback is that it’s completely empty. In true TerraCycle fashion, the design team has decided to renovate the area using only upcycled materials.

The first obstacle that presents itself is the limited budget of $10,000. With such a massive space, the design team was sure that budget would not be enough to cover the renovation. That’s when the designers began scavenging for others’ garbage and turned out some truly innovative pieces.

This episode of Human Resources was nothing short of inspiring for us DIY-ers…corkboards pieced together with actual corks, desks made out of doors, and wall art made from newspapers and records is just the beginning of all the amazing upcycled products in TerraCycle’s expanded office. To check out some truly awesome upcycled ideas, visit www.pinterest.com/terracycle and remember to send us your trash.


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