Join us November 20th at 12pm EST to be part of the discussion!

Steve Jobs had a vision to create a hand-held device that was an extension of ourselves. Jeff Bezos wanted to create the ultimate customer experience through an online retailer. Howard Schultz revolutionized the way we enjoy our coffee through the massive Starbucks chain. Tom Szaky aimed to eliminate the idea of waste.


All these entrepreneurs have unique stories that contribute to the popularity and success of their companies. Wouldn’t you like to the opportunity to ask a CEO how they do it? Now is your chance to ask our very own entrepreneur, Tom Szaky, those questions you’ve been curious about. This is your opportunity to interview one of the great revolutionary thinkers of our time!

Please join us on November 20th at 12pm EST to be part of this monumental discussion! Questions to Tom will be generated by interactions on our various social media presences, including questions with the tag #TomSzakyChat. In registering to be part of the event, you will also have a chance to win a signed copy of Tom’s latest book, Outsmart Waste.

Come armed with questions as we hope this will be an enjoyable and enlightening experience!


2 thoughts on “This is Your Chance to Interview Tom Szaky!

  1. Sorry, will not be available at that time. I do have a comment and Q for him however!! We have been running this program for many years as an educational tool and fundraiser for our school. We have invested a fair amount of our earnings right back into our program to purchase recycle bins for each classroom of our three buildings (pre-k through 12th grade). We do not have a cafeteria in our school, each child brings a sack lunch, so we generate a fair amount of the items that you wanted for your program! We have been training children (and our parents and community) for over three years about recycling and what the right thing is when it comes to being good stewards to this earth and recycling, we have spent the money to make an easy system to use and now you drop items like recently . . Dairy, cheese, and chips and we must find places to recycle these items or reverse all the educating we have done and now tell kids that they must just throw it in the trash?!! We were able to find a plastics recycler back when Ziplock stopped so fortunately we were able to bring our dairy and cheese plastics to him! Now you have dropped the chips and we are at a loss as to where we can bring those items for recycling in our area! This is just unacceptable! You started a great thing on educating and offering fundraising for this program, but to just drop those of us who have helped make this journey for you to get all the publicity for your company and personal glory is irresponsible! What do we tell the children and people trained to do this recycling? What do we do with all the chip bags they will continue to bring to us because they can’t bear to throw away because they have been taught to recycle them but suddenly they are not wanted??? We are currently looking at dropping this program due to the fact that we have only a few items left to collect and feel it is only a matter of time before they too will be dropped . . . . Oh wait, that’s right, you just dropped glue now too, right?! And we just put a huge program together to collect those from all the other county schools in an effort to help reduce their garbage expenses on classroom items like those!! Your program is about to implode so tell me, how do you feel about educating children on recycling to just turn around and now confuse them and have them feel as if recycling is just a joke after all?! We have only confused them, not taught them anything except that they only have to recycle when it makes someone look good or makes them money!! Very frustrated right now as you can tell, we are watching our program fall apart! We mostly wanted to be leaders in the creation care program we were teaching our kids, now what do we tell them?

    Carrie at the Lynden Christian Recycling Center


    1. Hi Carrie,

      Our very sincere apologies for the delayed response, and for having missed your comment. As a small company we are only able to provide Brigades with the help and financial support from larger companies. We are working to identify new brand partners who can sponsor programs that have closed, however the programs will remain closed until new partners are found. We hope to bring back more opportunities as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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