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Simplistic in looks yet versatile in use, a Mason jar can help you limit spending and make the most of the everyday objects around your home. Listed below is just a glimpse of the many DIY projects that involve repurposing any of your old Mason jars into useful and innovative items you can use around the house.

  1. Design a soap dispenser.

Give your bathroom or kitchen a farmhouse or vintage look by creating a Mason jar soap dispenser. Start by removing and washing the pump dispenser from an old bottle of lotion or soap. Next, cut a hole in the Mason jar’s lid that is large enough for the dispenser tube to fit through, and use some glue to secure it in place. Finally, pour your desired soap into the jar and secure the lid. Feel free to add any personal touches such as paint or beads!

  1. Make a traveling lunchbox.

Instead of buying an overpriced lunchbox, save yourself the money and use a Mason jar. Easy to transport and pack, you can put almost any small lunch or meal into a Mason jar. Try layering your favorite yogurt with granola or fruit, or make a salad. You can even make a thoughtful gift by filling a jar with your favorite homemade spice or cake mix.

  1. Design a sewing kit.

To start, make a pincushion by removing the jar’s lid and gathering some cotton balls. Glue your cotton balls onto a small disc of cardboard about the size of the jar’s lid, and then cover the cotton with a fabric like burlap, or textile from an old shirt lying around the house. Glue your new pincushion to the top of the lid, and start filling the jar with sewing materials like scissors, buttons, thread, and thimbles. This sewing kit is compact, can be easily decorated, and easy to store.

  1. Use as a desk organizer.

Why waste the money on desk organizers from an office supply retailer when you can use a Mason jar? Place your pens, highlighters, scissors, and other supplies in the jar to save some desk space. Mason jars can be used as organizers for many other items around the house, such as kitchen utensils, bathroom products and toothbrushes, or paintbrushes. 

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