Written by Cameron Patel

Many people want to be more sustainable, but are unwilling to make drastic changes to their lives. Even so, every little effort can help. Here are some very easy, impactful changes that anyone can make to their daily lives to make them a bit more environmentally conscious.

1. Conserve Water: Being more efficient with your water usage not only helps the environment, but your water bill too. Even the small things, such as taking shorter showers or not leaving the water running while brushing or doing the dishes, can be helpful ways to reduce your water consumption.

2. Buy Local: Much of our produce is transported long distances before getting to the grocery store, generating a staggeringly high volume of carbon emissions along the way. Buying from local farmers helps reduce these carbon emissions associated with transportation, all while supporting local businesses and eating fresher food.

3. Travel Smart: Cars and other forms of transportation are a significant source of carbon emissions around the world. Thankfully, there are many simple changes that can lower your personal carbon footprint. Things like carpooling with friends, using public transportation, riding a bike, walking, or even getting a simple tune-up on your car can make your daily commute more environmentally friendly.

4. Save Energy: Household appliances can use a lot of energy. When buying appliances like refrigerators or washers and dryers, look for brands that are Energy Star certified. These machines are designed to use energy more efficiently. When possible, turn off any appliances not being used, like the computer or television.

5. Recycle: Most people only recycle certain plastics, aluminum cans and paper through their municipal recycling programs, but there are many other things that can also be recycled. Cell phones, ink and toner, and a variety of other hard-to-recycle products can be donated and recycled through various collection programs all over the country. TerraCycle also has a variety of Zero Waste Boxes that make recycling even easier. All you have to do is fill a box with waste and then send it back to TerraCycle, where each component of the waste is recycled.

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