Make Garbage Great: The TerraCycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Written by: Tricia Ang


As a follow up to Revolution in a Bottle and Outsmart Waste comes TerraCycle’s latest book, which aims to be the ultimate, one-stop resource for living a zero-waste lifestyle. Authored by TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky and VP of Marketing & Communications Albe Zakes, Make Garbage Great is a “fun, pop culture exploration [in which Szaky and Zakes] examine the materials we use in our daily lives, show how they impact the environment, and provide project ideas—from recycling to upcycling and more—to lessen our impact and protect our world”.

The book features all things TerraCycle–244 pages of information and statistics, striking imagery, quotes, eco-tips and amazing Do-It-Yourself projects from Szaky, Zakes, and the company’s talented design junkies. It’s a must-have for environmental advocates, so order yours today.


Posted by:TerraCycle

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