Written by: Tricia Ang

The TerraCycle gang is back for season 2 of their critically acclaimed TV show, “Human Resources”. This docu-series is an unconventional, comedic, behind-the-scenes look at our company: our mission to eliminate the idea of waste, our charismatic CEO Tom Szaky and the many smart and colorful characters that make up our global headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey.

It was your casual, everyday we-should-be-a-TV-show employee conversations that drove Tom and Albe Zakes, VP of Marketing & Communications, to pitch their company documentary to different TV networks and eventually join forces with Pivot, which focuses on “entertainment that inspires passion for social change [amongst] millennials age 18 to 34”. According to Belisa Balaban, EVP of Original Programming for Pivot, “TerraCycle is a remarkable and pioneering company, but it’s also a quirky workplace with its own unreasonable bosses, inscrutable co-workers, and often bizarre staff meetings…making it the perfect setting for a great TV show.  Amidst the fun of the office, the show offers great takeaway on the science behind their innovations.”

In season 2, which will feature 10 new episodes, TerraCycle “explores a wide new world of recycling, hires new employees, digs deeper into groundbreaking science, and crafts DIY projects that change the way we think about trash”. This new season will also feature Recycle Right!, a campaign promoted by Pivot, TerraCycle, and Recycle Across America that focuses on the importance and impact of recycling on individuals and businesses.

Catch the 1st episode of Human Resources Season 2 NOW before the official season premiere on August 7th at 10 pm. Enjoy the latest office shenanigans of one of the fastest growing green, triple-bottom-line companies in the world.

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