We want to make it easier for our hard working collectors to recycle more through our programmes. This second part of the guide is all about engaging your community and getting them involved.

If you haven’t already, have a look at the first three steps of the guide. If you have, good on you! Now let’s jump into the second part! 

4. Ask local businesses for help
There are plenty of ways local businesses and community centers can help your collection. It can be as simple as having a poster in the window or on notice boards to make people aware of your collection. You can ask if they want to run a small drop-off point, where you can come and collect any waste people might have dropped off once a week. Could be as simple as a clear bin bag with a flyer somewhere easily accessible If you’re collaborating with local businesses, make sure you don’t overwhelm them. Talk to the manager to figure out what set-up suits the business, set up a regular pick-up schedule, and get an overview of where you get collections from, for example by making a drop-off tracker or using ours.

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5. Use social media
If you want people to come to your collection point, they need to know that you exist. Tell your neighbors and friends that you are collecting and ask them to tell everyone they know. A good way to do that is through social media.
You can use your own accounts or maybe even make a Facebook group so that people have a place to get in touch with you if they have any questions outside your personal accounts. This can also be a place you can advise people on how to store their waste until they can drop it off.
If you’re collecting for a local charity ask if they will help you increase your collections and advertise for you on their own social media sites.
You can find posters and social media icons under “resources” on the website of your programme of choice or you can make your own! Find more resources on our website.

6. Events
If you know of any events in your local community where waste might be a problem, talk to the event coordinator. Maybe you’re collecting for the cigarette butt programme and you can offer them a way to get rid of any butts that might be left from a party. Or maybe you can offer to take any empty cleaning products when they are done cleaning the day after. Or even better: host an event yourself! Host a recycling drive at your local school or community center.
Go to your local council’s website and keep yourself up-to-date with any meetings of community interest. Perhaps there is a talking point about recycling in your community where you can let people know that you are running a collection point and what types of waste you accept.

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We hope this helps your recycling efforts! Do you have any other tips on how to increase collections? Let us know in the comments!

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