With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for those special people in your life. Here are some gift ideas to show you care about your friends and family, as well as the planet we all share.

  1. Experiences
    Although it may feel like consumerism and presents are taking over the holiday season, spending time with those you love is really what matters. Take your special someone somewhere new this holiday season. Whether that be hiking a local trail you never seem to have time for or exploring a new area, you’re sure to have a blast and share plenty of smiles!
  2. Zero waste starter kit
    This one is great for your friends or family members who want to live a less wasteful lifestyle but don’t know where to start. You can even customize it to their interests so you’ll know they’ll get good use out of it. Start with a reusable tote (an upcycled one if you want to be super green!) and fill it with things they could use in their daily lives. These could include a reusable coffee mug to take to their favorite coffee shop, a sturdy water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, containers to pack their lunches in, or cloth napkins to use at their dinner parties.
  3. Gift cards for restaurants or activities
    Treat your friend to their favorite eatery or activity with a gift card. Even better, an e-gift card! That way there’s no plastic card or packaging around it.
  4. Get them out of debt
    As the importance of a college degree increases, the student loans continue to pile up. Help the young adults in your life start their next chapter debt free. Whether they’re in high school looking into colleges, away at school studying hard, or off starting their careers, I’m sure they could use a hand with the bills. An e-gift card from Gift of College is the perfect way to help save for college or knock down the towering pile of loans.
  5. Plants
    What better way to brighten up the dark winter months than a plant? When you’re sitting inside huddled up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea, it’s nice to have your own little bit of nature to look at. Check out these 10 easy to maintain plants that are the perfect gift for anyone who wants the beauty of a plant without the extra work.
  6. Handmade
    Knit someone a scarf to stay warm this winter or paint them a ceramic mug to enjoy hot cocoa from. If you’ve never knitted or painted before, why not learn a new skill while making presents this year? Try out a local class or watch a how-to video online.
  7. Cash
    What’s greener than that?

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