With just one more Sunday until Christmas (Yay!) it’s time to go hunting for that big, green, and full Christmas tree you want to put up in your house! Here’s what you can do to make sure even your Christmas tree is as environmentally friendly as possible.

  1. Buy a real tree
    First of all, always opt for a real tree, as a plastic one cannot be recycled. Also, a real tree uses about 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees. To make sure that your tree is sustainably grown, look for the FSC-certification logo. If you want to make sure that it’s organic and free from pesticides, check if it’s approved by the Soil Association. And always buy as locally as possible.If you do own a fake Christmas tree keep using it as long as possible. As always: if you already bought it, throwing it out makes no difference. Keep using what you have, but look into sustainable options when it’s time to replace it.
  1. Buy a living tree
    If you want to avoid throwing out the tree, you can buy a living one with roots and all. You can buy it potted or do it yourself! Plant it in a large zink tub or something similar and make sure to water it. That way you avoid a sea of spruce needles around it AND you have a beautiful new addition to your garden. If it has not grown too big you may even be able to dig it up again next year and use it all over!
    However, be aware that if you want to add it to your garden, it is better to buy it pot-grown than potted. This way, you’re sure that the roots haven’t been cut and that the tree won’t die because of root damage.
  1. Grow your own!
    Using a tree that is already in your garden is by far the solution with lowest impact on the environment. Growing your own will also add whole new meaning and sentimental value to your Christmas tree.
  1. Recycle your tree
    Most councils (municipalities) have allocated a location for dropping off your tree for recycling (provided it’s a real tree). You can also chop it up for firewood or ask your local pig farm if they want it as a toy for the pigs, like this Danish pig farmer. Check local details or see recyclenow.com/what-to-do-with/christmas-trees.

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