Caring about the planet is a great way to bring kids together to do good and learn about protecting the environment. By starting a school recycling club, you can educate and engage kids in a fun way! In addition to teaching kids about municipal recycling, sign up to collect and recycle your school’s Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches to go above and beyond what can usually be recycled!

Step 1: Organize parents and school staff

To make your recycling club successful, you’ll need committed volunteers to help kids recycle! Reach out to teachers, staff, and parents at your school to spread the word and get people to help out. Make sure that both teachers and parents are involved so they can work together to support the recycling program in and out of school! While the kids can start collecting their packaging, they’ll need grown-ups to sign up for TerraCycle’s program, print shipping labels, and mail in the waste you collect!

Step 2: Sign up to recycle on

Before you begin collecting Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches to recycle, start at and create an account for your school program. Tell us the name of your school and how many people will be recycling! Once you have an account, simply follow this link to find TerraCycle’s recycling program with Entenmann’s Little Bites and click “Sign Up Now!”

Step 3: Make a collection plan

Get your staff, teacher, and parent volunteers together to decide on a plan for collecting your school’s Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches. What works best for you? This might mean placing bins in each classroom for Little Bites packaging, making announcements at the end of lunch time to collect the pouches, having kids set up a collection container at home that their parents can drop off at school, or a combination!

Step 4: Ship us your waste & earn rewards!

Once your school’s recycling club has been collecting Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches for a while, you can start sending what you’ve collected to TerraCycle to be recycled! Return to your account to print out your free shipping label. Have your volunteers weigh your shipments before you finish packing it up — to encourage efficient shipments with a smaller environmental impact, you will earn TerraCycle points if your shipments are over 5 lbs each. If you keep sending shipments and earn enough points, your recycling club will be able to redeem your TerraCycle points as a donation to your school or a charity of your choice!

Happy recycling!


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