April 22 is Earth Day, the worldwide observance of environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Protect Our Species.” TerraCycle is proud to fight plastic pollution for the planet and all living things on it.

This Earth Day and every day beyond, here are some ways you can get involved in eliminating waste and protecting the earth with TerraCycle.

Collect in our national recycling programs.

Our groundbreaking programs take the typically non-recyclable and make them nationally recyclable. Best part? Participating is free and earns you points toward a donation to the charity of your choice.

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#RecycleEverything with a Zero Waste Box.

Due to changes in the global recycling system, most of what we put in our blue bins don’t get recycled. Save resources and reduce waste at home, school, work or your next event with our all-in-one solutions for hundreds of waste streams.

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Join a community cleanup group, or start one of your own!

Did you know cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world? Animals often mistake them for food, and they never break down, leaching chemicals into the ground. Join arms and pick up cigarette litter in your local park or town main street to prevent plastic pollution. Then, send to TerraCycle for recycling when you’re done!

No butts about it >

Vote for the future you wish to see by buying sustainably.

The next time you go shopping, think of it this way: of everything you buy, tomorrow two more will be there, and of everything you don’t buy, one fewer will be there. Vote with your wallet for durable, reusable, recyclable, and recycled products that leave less of a trace.

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