Staying close? Be positive, get creative, and learn something new with these fun DIY activities you can do with little ones using items you already have. 

ARM & HAMMER™ Bike Streamers | TerraCycle® DIY (video)

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Getting exercise, fresh air, and time outside are all essential parts of staying healthy and safe! Whip up a pair of bright, breezy streamers for your sidewalk whip and watch them catch the light. 

Eco Tip: Recycle the scraps through the free program with TerraCycle.

Entenmann’s Little Bites® Muffins DIY Paper Crown (video)

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Create the space to imagine and play with unstructured time and breaks, and forge accessories for formidable little leaders to reign in their domain! The creative possibilities with this cool paper crown are endless, just like the spirit of future generations.

Wellness DIY Dog Cape (PDF)

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Dogs are the real MVP. They love us unconditionally, and will be so happy to spend more time with their people! Craft a handmade outfit that speaks to the hero they are inside. 

Design Tip: This sizing is for a smaller dog (or cat!), so scale accordingly for your pet.

Shampoo Bottle Chandelier (PDF)


This is a great opportunity for aspiring interior decorators to let their visions take flight with a charming, handmade centerpiece that doubles as a lesson in upcycling—taking items you’d normally throw away and turning them into something great! Don’t have enough shampoo bottles? Swap in some empties of other containers like lotions, conditioners, or beverages.


Do a DIY a week for new opportunities to learn and play. Not only can you get the crafty juices flowing, you help the environment by keeping the products and packaging used in these projects out of landfills, and if you have any scraps, you can recycle them through TerraCycle!

What are your favorite upcycling projects to do at home? Tell us in the comments!


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