You did it! You’ve conquered the toughest step when it comes to setting up your first Zero Waste Box™ — picking the solution that’s right for you! Before you start to #RecycleEverything, here are some tips and tricks to help you set up your Zero Waste system and outsmart waste.

Setting It Up 

Setting up the physical box is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Your Zero Waste Box will ship flat. Unflatten it into the upright box shape.
  2. Tuck in the bottom flaps of the box one by one to assemble; they are numbered and can be folded in order.
  3. To close the top lid, fold in the smaller side tabs inward, bring down the lid to close, and insert the tab to secure.
  4. Press down on perforated cut-out to create an opening in the lid for placing your items.
  5. That’s it! Place in a high-traffic, accessible spot and start collecting.

REMEMBER: Your Zero Waste Box comes with a return shipping label preaffixed to the box! Please be careful not to remove or damage it.

Now, get excited!

Think about all of the products and packaging you are saving from landfills! By going the distance with your recycling goals by taking matters into your own hands, you are setting an example for your community and creating access to solutions.

If you are collecting for an office, school, or business, max out visibility and usage by posting up your Zero Waste Box in an area with a lot of foot traffic to max out visibility and usage. Print out signage or posters to help people understand what items they can and cannot recycle, and prepare to answer any questions that come up as the point person for the program.

Recycling at home? Placing your Zero Waste Box next to the kitchen recycling bin is a good start, and if you want to create teachable moments for family, roommates, or children on the daily, a designated location can highlight the differences between municipally recyclable and “difficult-to-recycle” items.

Show off your commitment 

Post about your new Zero Waste Box on social and encourage friends and family to join your collections! Feel free to tag us @TerraCycle and use the hashtag #RecycleEverything.

Happy recycling!

This post was originally published on the Zero Waste Box™ blog. Visit us there for more expert advice on recycling, zero waste lifestyle tips, and more! 

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