Self-care at home with single-use sheet-masks, typically non-recyclable beauty empties, and disposable toe separators can create a significant amount of trash. Multiply these in professional salons and spas servicing dozens of people a day, and we get a picture that’s not so pretty!

On a mission to help the planet and the local community by reducing waste and keeping non-recyclable products and packaging out of landfills, Copper River Salon and Spa in Princeton, New Jersey is setting the standard for eco-friendly beauty as a top collector in our Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program sponsored by Garnier.

The salon joined the recycling program in 2012 to unite their passion for creative style with the importance of caring for the environment and appreciating nature’s beauty, and has collected 3,647 pounds of skin care, hair care, and cosmetic packaging so far! 

“Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty comes from self-care, care for your community, and care for the world around you,” said Barbara Weigand, owner and master stylist at Copper River Salon and Spa. “Copper River Salon and Spa looks to emulate beauty in all forms, including doing our part to make beauty sustainable.”

By stationing collection points near the reception area inside the salon and outside at the front entrance of the salon, Copper River Salon and Spa makes it convenient and accessible for clients and community members to drop off products and packaging for recycling at any time. They also educate and inform their clients on what items can be collected through the program.

Weigand continued: “The opportunity to recycle in the Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program allows us to impact our community by providing valuable information on how to properly recycle materials that otherwise would negatively impact our environment and a reliable way to collect these items,” 

The items collected through the Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program (72,672 at last count!) would have otherwise been landfilled, incinerated, or may have even contributed to the pollution of marine habitats. The collected packaging will now be recycled into a variety of new products such as park benches, garden beds, or even recycling bins!

In addition to their program with TerraCycle, Copper River Salon and Spa is a member of the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salon & Spas Organization and the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry.

Beautiful, committed people for a beautiful planet! Thanks to Copper River Salon and Spa energy conservation, recycling, reusable items, and reduction of waste are earth-friendly choices that everyday people can make every day.

Inspired? Learn more about our range of free recycling programs here.

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