Every Monday, our global teams select the three (3) most creative posts from around the world as winners of $100 in TerraCycle® points through the #KeepOnRecycling global social media contest

Here are the week’s winners:

  1. Plastic Free letchworth on Facebook – United Kingdom

Three of the most important aspects of a successful recycling program are the access people have to the program, their participation in it, and the separation of materials. Using cardboard as dividers in a wheelie bin so compartments are made within the bin, Plastic Free letchworth is sorting at the source when people drop off their waste, and just joined new recycling programs so they can collect even more!

2.  Delphine Caillot on Facebook – France

Talk about taking this time to do something great! This school completely cleaned and redesigned their collecting space: they painted the walls with different colours according to the bins for each waste stream, and their slogan is “Recycling rhymes with solidarity” (it does rhyme in French!).

Caption Translation: hello, I wanted to share one of our projects this year that we carried out in our Notre Dame de Bellegarde establishment with the “E3D” team (establishment in a sustainable development approach). Not only do we raise awareness about ecology but we also help associations.

This year’s exceptional situation has delayed us a little but that’s not why we gave up! Here’s a little presentation on video…

Look 😀 Like 👍😍 share to inform and think about recycling! with us recycling rhymes with solidarity! ❤️

3.  Pitadas +Verdes on Instagram – Brazil

Cleaning up at home can be clean for the enrionment when you recycle sponges and cleaning supplies, and  Pitadas +Verdes created this informative video explaining the importance of collecting sponges and writing instruments! They ask their followers to consider how many dishwashing sponges and writing instruments they use and throw away each year, and go on to explain TC Brazil can recycle them and ask their followers to create an account.

Caption Translation: Have you thought about how many dishwashing sponges we use?
And how many writing materials are discarded each year?

There are many for sure and all can also be properly allocated through the @terracyclebr program.

🌱Then start separating your dishwashing sponges and writing materials and register on the TerraCycle website. Participate! It’s easy to join and it’s free. Access the website and discover the other National Recycling Programs available.

You could be next! Before August 27, 2020, post a message, video or photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that shows how you are still collecting for your favorite TerraCycle programs. Just tag @TerraCycle and include the hashtag #KeepOnRecycling.

All weekly winners of the #KeepOnRecycling contest will be entered for a grand prize drawing for $1,000 at the end. Plus, entrants with at least 250 likes are eligible to enter to win $2,000 worth of TerraCycle® points redeemable for donations to your favorite schools and charities!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the contest page for details and full prizing breakdown, and follow the #KeepOnRecycling hashtag to keep up with collectors around the world.

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