In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life,” and the modern word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit and English roots to mean “union,” or to join or bring together. Both entail bringing balance and peace in the body and mind through practice, and often through community.

A top collector in the Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program, powered by Garnier through us at TerraCycle, Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda in San Pedro, CA is offering its community an opportunity to bring balance to the environment by keeping non-recyclable items out of the trash and diverting them toward a virtuous cycle of reuse.

The absolute top collector for the program in California and one of the Top 20 nationwide, the boutique yoga studio has contributed to the collection of 36,665 personal care items with 1,836 pounds collected to date!

Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda joined the recycling program to offer yogis an easy way to help the planet, prevent plastics from making their way into the ocean, and invest in the community. 

“Everyone wants the chance to give back and most want an easy, almost effortless method,” says Kari Burgos, owner and director of Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda. “TerraCycle has become that for us.”

For qualifying shipments, many of our free recycling programs award points that can be used toward a variety of charitable gifts, or redeemed as a donation the non-profit or school of the collector’s choice. The Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program is one of them.

Burgos continues, “Once the students see how we make a contribution by donating our points to charities, they become even more enthused. I have people who save their stuff for months and bring in huge bags.”

By stationing a collection basket in the studio, it’s convenient for students to drop off when they come for class. Once sent to us, the empty products and packaging are turned into material used to make new items, such as park benches, garden beds, and even recycling bins! 

Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda supports healing and wellness for people and the planet. By offering a way to do good for the planet through recycling in the same place one does good for oneself, these yogis are making it a regular practice to take care of the Earth, together. 
Inspired? Learn more about our range of free recycling programs here.

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