Loop Intern Spotlight: 

Eden Lebowitz – Rutgers University Class of 2022

I remember scrolling through my Instagram one day and a post caught my eye that a company called Loop had just launched and was selling ice cream in an insulated, reusable and refillable container. I was instantly fascinated by their unique supply chain and wanted to get involved. 

One year later, I am now a Loop Marketing Intern supporting the Public Relations team. Interning for a company that has the same values as me and has a mission I believe in has been incredible. Moreover, being a part of the team that helps spread the word about Loop and the work the company is doing while getting to see how it all works has been wonderful. 

During my time here this summer, one of the country’s leading beauty retailers announced their partnership with Loop. Having such a large retailer publicly commit to this partnership is indicative that the future of the beauty industry will involve refillable and circular business models. While the beauty industry has a long way to go, Ulta is creating the first wave of change, and other brands will have to keep up and change as well. 

Since this is my first official internship beyond past experience doing summer research as part of the undergraduate studies, working and interning remotely without ever having met my mentors has definitely been a different experience. 

Nevertheless, the Loop team has made the experience fulfilling and exciting, and provided so many opportunities to learn despite (or, in part because of!) the need to coordinate logistics completely virtually. I hope that Loop continues to grow and am excited to see what the future holds for the company. 

While interning for Loop I have worked on a few projects. My favorites have included my final presentation for my thoughts on marketing opportunities for Loop’s upcoming partnership with Ulta, a newsletter I co-curate with articles and updates on the circular economy, and this blog post.

These projects were not only enjoyable, but also a really wonderful learning experience. The only projects I had ever done before were all school related. This did give me a good background to know how to do these projects, but more importantly I learned how to present in an office setting.

Eden’s work-from-home (WFH) nook!

While right now is not the ideal time to meet new people, there is always the capability to add people on LinkedIn, shoot them a message, and just ask questions. While it may be intimidating, it is a great way to make connections and learn about a field of interest. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have someone know your name and look at your accomplishments on your profile. Reaching out and showing interest is important to not only learn information but also because it enables you to build a network and learn how to find the opportunities you are looking for.

We’ve wrapped up our first virtual internship program and we’re excited to share we’’ve kicked off another!

Interested in joining us? Check-out full-time and internship positions at Loop & TerraCycle for the fall and spring HERE.

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