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Forget the ghouls and the monsters. You know what will really give you the Halloween scaries? A big bin full of plastic candy wrappers and discarded costume accessories at the end of the night. 

All Hallows’ Eve generates frightening amounts of plastic waste each year. Unfortunately, few people stop to think about where all of the festive decorations are headed after the fun is over. But who said this holiday has to be all about the orange and black? With a bit of innovation and imagination, Halloween can go green, too!

Dress up with minimal environmental impact

Halloween is the perfect time to channel your inner sustainable fashion designer. Instead of buying a brand-new costume just to wear it once and toss it, save some money by refashioning your old threads into a one-of-a-kind ensemble. Can you say Insta-worthy?

  • You know that old bridesmaid or formal dress you have shoved in the back of your closet? Throw it on with a crown or a sparkly headband and call yourself a princess, a fairy or a runway model. If you prefer your costumes creepy versus cute, add some fake blood to your look — now you’re a scream queen!
  • Up, up and away! It’s time to save the day — and the planet. Power-up your eco-superhero costume with an upcycled drink pouch mask! Better yet, turn your furry friend into a super-sidekick by creating a handmade Wellness® pet food bag cape fit for any hero, and when you’re done, you can recycle the scrapes through the free TerraCycle program.

Cut down on plastic with these EEK-O-friendly decorations

When it comes to decorating your home for this spook-tacular holiday, it can get a little tricky to keep things eco-friendly. Don’t worry — these sustainable decor DIYs will ensure you still have a festive front yard, porch or balcony on the big night!

  • Yes, it can be a little messy, but carving unique designs into real pumpkins is so much more fun than buying a plastic Jack-O-Lantern. Plus, you can compost your pumpkins when Halloween is over. Just make sure an adult is supervising if little ones are trying their hand.
  • A ball of white yarn can easily be turned into a realistic looking spider web in your window or a doorframe. Just keep spinning with these simple instructions
  • Stuff some old jeans and a flannel shirt with newspaper. Doodle a funny face on an empty milk jug and stick a straw hat on top. Voilà! Now you have an old-fashioned scarecrow to greet your neighbors from the front door. 

If you don’t have time for these creative craft ideas and decide to buy, avoid the cheap items that will break after one day’s use and seek out high-quality decor that will last for years to come. Then, when it does become time to discard your old string lights, spooky figurines and more, do so responsibly with the Holiday Decorations Zero Waste Box™.

Enjoy your treats guilt-free with these tricks. 

Halloween is the perfect time to get crafty with the kids while teaching them about a zero-waste lifestyle! Since you’ll likely have lots of candy wrappers strewn around the house the next day, why not spend some time turning trash into treasures with your littles?

  • Use a full-size chocolate bar wrapper to decorate and upcycle some DIY barrettes and create funky upcycled hair wear. An insider tip: Try using a special orange and black Halloween wrapper to add a festive touch!
  • This one requires a little sewing, but in a few simple steps, you can turn a candy pouch into a little coin purse for your favorite sweet-tooth. 
  • Make a sweet friendship bracelet by folding and linking lots of little candy wrappers together. The perfect craft to gift to a friend!

Whatever wrappers you don’t upcycle into a boo-tiful accessory, you can recycle with the Candy and Snack Wrappers Zero Waste Box. For an extra fa-boo-lous touch, cut a hole in an old white sheet, draw two black circles for eyes and throw over the top. Now, you’ve made recycling wrappers into a fun game of Feed The Ghoul: for every sweet treat you or little ones eat, you’ll need to feed the hungry ghoul your wrapper! 

How are you making your Halloween holiday less scary for the planet? Tell us in the comments below!

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