From the award-winning creators of the Bulb Eater®, TerraCycle Regulated Waste is putting your business first with its brand-new ITAD Solutions.

What is ITAD?

ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) is the compliant, safe, and eco-friendly disposal of unwanted electronic items, especially those that are data-bearing such as phones, tablets, computers, or servers. This usually occurs through recycling and refurbishment to conserve useful heavy metals.

Why is ITAD important?

In our modern world, your business is using a great deal of electronic devices every day — all with your confidential data on them. That data is safe for now, but eventually, all of those devices will succumb to everyday wear and tear. At the end of every device’s life, you have to consider where that data is going next.

If your business were to just dispose of these expired devices in the trash, you would be putting it at risk to have that sensitive data stolen, leading to data breaches and identity theft. When a data breach occurs, it is not just the organization at risk, but also its consumers and their personal information, which often arrive on the dark web for sale. Data breaches are a real thing companies face everyday. No organization wants to make headlines for negative reasons. ITAD is a necessary protection to ensure that all of this data is erased, protecting everyone’s security and your brand’s image, and protects the trust of the customer.

Recycling e-waste through ITAD also improves a business’s brand image by validating the commitment to the environment to its consumers. When e-waste is discarded in a landfill its still-valuable heavy metals may never be used again. As the metals rust and erode they can leach into the soil and create a health hazardous environment.

How can TerraCycle Regulated Waste’s ITAD help?

With over 20 years of industry experience, it makes sense that there are over 20,000 businesses that trust TerraCycle Regulated Waste with their universal waste. It is an easy, cost-effective, and reliable way to implement an ITAD solution for any business, no matter the size. 

For small to moderate volumes, try EasyPak™ with multiple sizing options. Simply order your box, collect e-waste, and ship it back to TerraCycle Regulated Waste with your prepaid return shipping label.

For larger-volume ITAD solutions, consider BulkPak™, our palletized freight shipping option. Just collect your waste, store it safely within your BulkPak™, and we will pick it up within a few days. For even greater volumes, Bulk Recycling makes it easy to schedule a pickup date for our freight services.

No matter what method you choose, once we receive your waste, we will recycle the container’s contents with one of our certified recycling partners. In return, you will be provided with a certificate of recycling and an optional serialized report. Protecting both your security and the environment could not be easier!

To learn more about how TerraCycle Regulated Waste can help your business, head over to our brand new website!

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