Life is all about balance. We rest so we can work, enjoy days of sunshine before fall and winter, and express ourselves in days of unstructured play so we can learn and grow at the office and at school. When it comes to packing up the perfect lunchbox, it has to be equal parts easy, good for you and the planet, and delicious! 

So whether you’re packing for your kids or yourself (self-care, we see you!) on your way back out into the world, here are some super easy ingredients to a zero waste lunch box you can mix and match for variety all year long.

  1. Reusable lunchbox. First things first: Ditch the flimsy plastic bags and for a durable, reusable lunchbox or tote designed to take spills. The structure of a sturdy bag — classic cartoon box, insulated mini cooler, or practical metal tiffin or bento — will help you keep organized. 
  2. Apple or fruit with skin on. Packing fruit with the skin on ensures you get your serving of fruit, plus it comes with its own natural packaging! Bonus: Compost your apple cores or plant the seeds from oranges to pay it forward to the planet.
  3. Sandwich made with Bimbo Bakeries USA bread. No matter your preferences, there are few things better than a beautiful sandwich with all your favorite fixings. Spread with mayo or hummus, top with lettuce, tomato, or sprouts, and build between any type of Bimbo Bakeries USA bread – all their bakery bags are recyclable through our program.
  4. Latest flavor of Entenmann’s Little Bites®. A little treat is a welcome addition to any meal, especially when they’re as convenient and lovable as Entenmann’s Little Bites®, part of the Entenmann’s family along with Bimbo Bakeries USA. With seasonal favors and classic recipes, they’re great for an afternoon snack, and also have a free TerraCycle program that earns your points for charity the more you recycle.
  5. Durable thermos or water bottle. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is the word. Sipping round the clock keeps your cells happy and working their best. If coffee or hot drinks are your vibe, an insulated container keeps drinks at any temperature you like. Plus, both the above do away with single-use plastic bottled beverages and disposable cups, which makes an ocean of difference.
  6. Reusable utensils. No matter if you’re scooping, slurping, poking, skewering, these eco-friendly tools can handle any lunch that comes your way. This simple swap can easily save single-use plastics from ending up in the landfills. 
  7. Washable cloth napkin. Last but not least, we can’t forget about clean up! An all-purpose napkin that can pick up spills quickly, wipe hands and mouths of the latest nosh, and neatly wrap up utensils until the next use is key.  Durable, washing cloth napkins are making a comeback, and save the trees used to make paper ones!

What are your tips and tricks for packaging a zero waste lunch? Let us know in the comments!

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