Life is crazy busy, and the important stuff has to come first. Sometimes, a dinner with a prep-time of 4 hours just isn’t at the top of priorities for the day. Here are some of those situations, and how our partners at Freeli can save the day.

  1. When 3 kids (plus parents!) need packed lunches
    Packing lunches for every member of the family is no small feat. And for the health-conscious, how do you do all that while also keeping junk out of your family’s diet?

Freeli is an option even the busiest of parents can get behind. With 5 yummy comfort-food flavors, both parents and picky eaters will be satisfied. To prepare pouches for lunchboxes, simply microwave for 45 seconds and place in a thermos to keep it warm for hours!

  1. When you want a family meal that tastes homemade but not the cooking and cleaning that comes with it
    Homemade food is the best ー unless you’re the one who has to cook it all and clean up the mess afterwards. Even the simplest of meals seem to pile up loads of dirty dishes, pots, and pans. It’s during times like these that a mess-free quick meal is the dream.

    This is part of what makes Freeli so handy. An entire meal can be prepared in less than a minute, and without a pot or pan in sight. Even dishes and utensils are optional with these pouches.
  2. When you are running kids from school to practice and they need to fuel up
    The only people busier than kid athletes are their parents. Keeping all those practice and game schedules straight isn’t easy, especially on top of remembering school, appointments, and your own work. No matter how busy either of you are though, you still need to eat!

    Freeli is perfect for on-the-go kids and parents. Packed with protein and optimized by a real nutritionist, these convenient, no-utensils-needed pouches will give your sports star the boost they need to play hard all game long.
  3. When you are up all night putting together a science project
    We’ve all been there… staying up late to finish a school project is a rite of passage. You’ve done it, and now you get to do it again with your kid. The biggest challenge with these projects usually isn’t the project itself, though. The hardest part is keeping your energy high while also getting work done! 

    Fruit snacks and pretzels surely aren’t going to cut it here. For a healthy midnight power-up, microwave a Freeli pouch while waiting for that glue to dry. It’ll be dry by the time you take your first bite!
  4. When hunger strikes and you just can’t put together another meal
    Cooking burnout is a real thing, but your appetite doesn’t understand that. Hunger has no sympathy for busy parents, especially ones that need a minute to relax. Why does nobody talk about how hard it is to cook with pangs of hunger?

    Well, less than a minute of hunger is much better than an hour of it. In these situations, Freeli can come to the rescue with a warm, nutritious meal that’s good for your body and your stress level. It’s okay to take a break, so give yourself one!

The best part about all of it? Freeli is recyclable through TerraCycle, so it’s easy to be sustainable and healthy at the same time! 

Getting started is just as effortless: simply request your free envelope and send your pouches back. We’ll handle the recycling, while you handle taking care of your family.

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