Moving out for the first time can be a challenge! Especially when trying to be sustainable. It can feel overwhelming to furnish a new room and figure out what’s for dinner every night.

How do you juggle between take-out and living on your own? This transition is an opportunity to start sustainable habits. Here are some tips for this year’s Sustainable Dorm Room.

Durable Water Bottle

Walking to and from class sure does get those steps in. Add a jam-packed schedule plus extra library time for studying, and the whole day is spent out and about on campus. Instead of buying plastic water bottles from the vending machine, be prepared with a reusable one.

Refilling a durable bottle throughout the day helps better your health and the planet. Microplastics end up in streams and drinking water. Not only do reusable bottles keep water colder, but they help limit plastic pollution.  

Solar Panel Phone Charger

Use the power of the sun! Stay connected with solar panel chargers. A solar panel sits near a window and collects sunlight all day long. When you’re ready, plug the cord directly into the panel. Whether outdoors or need a quick charge on the go, solar is a renewable resource to keep phones powered up.

Quick Sustainable Meals

After a long day, it’s nice to relax. Make yourself a delicious and easy dinner with Barilla Ready Pasta. Throw this pouch in the microwave, and in 60 seconds dinner is served.

Plus, they are recyclable! TerraCycle and Barilla Ready Pasta partnered to create a free national recycling program. Simply sign up and recycle with Barilla Ready Pasta Recycling Program.  

Feel good about all those pouches used in a month. Recycle them after enjoying this all-natural pasta. Be relaxed and well fed with this quick meal.

Recycling Bins – bonus compost bin!

Going sustainable means utilizing waste stream options. Separate your trash and your recyclables with labels for easy access.

Check-in to see the municipality’s approach to recycling. Most curbside pick-up accepts plastic bottles, newspaper, and cardboard. For everything else, join TerraCycle’s recycling programs!

Bonus for composting! Compost is the best solution for food waste scraps. Food waste contributes to carbon emissions. Instead, take your stinky leftovers to a local garden.

Durable Dishware

Make your dorm a home! Get secondhand dishes or dishes that will last the school year. Then every meal won’t be served on a flimsy and wasteful single-use plate.

Durable dishware eliminates waste and makes food serving ready. These plates can keep meals secure and save money.

Secondhand Furniture

Time to pick out furniture. Check out local thrift stores for unique and stylish alternatives. From chairs to laundry baskets, get creative with the dorm this year. Feel excited about the space to prompt a better work ethic at home.  

These vintage finds keep it environmentally friendly. Don’t feel guilty about the packaging and all the tiny pieces that come along with new furniture. Pick up ready-to-go secondhand fixtures that add flare.

Zero Waste Box

Zero Waste Boxes are another great option to Recycle Everything! The All-In-One Zero Waste box is the one-stop shop for recycling all the dorm’s waste.

There are a variety of boxes that target diverse waste streams. Zero Waste Box collects coffee capsules, office supplies, dining disposables, and other packaging. When it’s full, send the box back and watch waste take new life.

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