Share the love with the planet by joining the Free Cigarette Recycling Program. Spend a day enjoying these activities and recycling butts to prevent pollution.  

Did you know it’s easy to spend time with the people you love AND clean up the planet in the process? The Truth Initiative reports that cigarettes are the most littered item on Earth, reaching 4.5 trillion cigarettes littered each year worldwide. Spread the love to waterways, the soil, and local wildlife by recycling cigarette litter with TerraCycle and getting your significant other, friends, and family involved in the process! 

Here are some ideas to help reduce pollution and spend meaningful time with family or friends.

TIP: Wear gloves and bring a bucket or tote bag. 

Take a walk outside. This is a great, simple activity to do while spending time with your partner or best friend. Getting your body moving on a walk is proven to boost your energy and improve mood. Bring a bag to pick up cigarette butts along the way. After time well spent together, you will have collected all the cigarette butts polluting your neighborhood!  

Make your favorite park or community area shine! It’s relaxing to visit your local park, be outdoors, and soak up the sun—until you see cigarette butts littering the ground. Invite your besties to your favorite spot to hang out and even take a break for litter prevention. Picking up butts and recycling them with TerraCycle helps prevent nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals from absorbing into the environment. 

Go for a hike. More strenuous activity can get your blood pumping and keep you in shape. Plus, the view from the top is breathtaking too. While you and your family spot animals and various trees, see how many cigarette butts you can find. The waste you find and recycle with TerraCycle can be made into picnic tables and playgrounds by the end of your journey!

Plan a beach picnic and cleanup. NOAA reports that cigarette butts are the most common form of marine litter. During your long walk on the beach, one hand holds your significant others, and the other hand gathers cigarette waste! It’s so easy to plan a beach picnic and spend a couple of minutes helping marine life. 

After you’re back from your outing, join TerraCycle’s Free Cigarette Recycling Program to recycle all the cigarettes you collected! All the hard work and time spent with your favorite person (even if it’s yourself) can recycle cigarette litter into something new. Be a part of an immense love this month by recycling to protect the planet. 

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