Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, but we’re here to help with a few tips and tricks to make it easy and fun for you and your family to #RecycleEverything.

Our free recycling programs make it easy and rewarding to save everyday products and packaging from landfills and raise funds for your school, favorite non-profit organization, or the charity of your choice.

Here are some helpful tips for getting your family started with TerraCycle:

Create cool collection bins.

The best way to get your family and little ones involved in recycling is by creating a fun activity around it! Design your own custom collection bins by repurposing items and materials you already have in your home. Cardboard boxes, an empty storage bin, leftover wrappers, or scraps of paper can create a one-of-a-kind container for every program. Check out more DIY projects here!

Curbside recycling vs. TerraCycle.

Create teachable moments for family, roommates, or children by explaining the differences between municipally recyclable and hard-to-recycle items that can be recycled through TerraCycle. Most town curbside recycling programs only accept paper and cardboard, glass, metals like aluminum, and rigid plastics. For other hard-to-recycle trash, you can join a free recycling program or purchase a Zero Waste Box™.

Designate a special place for TerraCycle-bound items.

Set up and store containers in convenient locations throughout your home or in a high-traffic area where typically non-recyclable items (like products and packaging) are thrown away. Placing a bin next to the kitchen recycling bin is a great place to start, as is one in the bathroom! 

The goal is to ensure everyone will notice the bins and what they are for, so they remember there’s a better solution for their empties than the garbage bin. 

Clearly label bins and hang signs. 

Proper separation is essential to any recycling program. So amp up your at-home recycling with labels and signs that call attention to your eco-activities!

Before placing an item into your TerraCycle collection bin, work together to double-check all excess product has been removed. If you choose to rinse your chip bags, beauty product empties, or snack pouches, be sure to dry them off. This will keep your recycling station neat, clean, and relatively odor-free and make it easier to package everything up when you’re ready to ship to TerraCycle! 

Try a new way to store your compost.

Putting food scraps and paper product waste to good use is part of recycling everything. Check out the TerraCycle Made Compost Bin as a convenient way to store your compost. TerraCycle Made products are available in the United States, made from the trash we’ve recycled together and are a great way to show your kids the end product of their recycling efforts!

Redeem your points.

For each valid shipment you send in for a free recycling program, you will earn points that can be redeemed for a donation to your school, favorite non-profit organization, or the charity of your choice! To date, we’ve raised over $45 million globally. After sending in your shipment to TerraCycle, sit down with your family and choose a cause to donate to together. Learn more here.

Now your family is ready to #RecycleEverything and set up future generations with a cleaner, happier planet!

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