Our free recycling programs offer solutions for your hard-to-recycle trash. Through these programs, you can recycle different categories of waste, such as home care products, beauty products, food and snack packaging, and more. 

Many of our brand sponsors have created free recycling programs for the category. This means you can recycle any brands’ products of that type—beauty products, drink pouches, kids’ clothing, and more—through that single program. So convenient! 

Most of our programs are mail-in—you mail us your items for recycling using a free shipping label. However, several programs are part of our network of public drop-off points, and others are only available at select retailers or locations. (These programs are marked with an asterisk in the list below.) Visit the program page to learn more about it and how you can get started. 

View a complete list of free recycling programs collecting for the category below: 

Beauty products: 

Personal care items: 

Home care products

Food and drink packaging: 


It’s easy to get started in any of these programs, and you can join as many as you’d like. Click the link to visit the program page of a program you’re interested in, review the accepted waste and any other details, then join the program. When you’re ready, begin collecting your products in any box, and download your free shipping label to send us your trash for recycling!

*Only available in participating locations 

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