Did you know that when you order a Zero Waste Box, your box is also helping the planet? Not only are you keeping your hard-to-recycle trash out of landfills and incinerators—we’ve also taken several steps to keep your Zero Waste Box eco-friendly. Here are some ways we’re doing that: 

Recycling is the better option

Through a third-party-verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we have proven that our recycling models have lower environmental impacts when compared to traditional solutions (like landfilling and incineration) across eight major impact categories, including global warming. Review the summary of the LCA here. 
Carbon-neutral shipping is always free

When we ship your Zero Waste Box, we’re also making sure we offset the emissions of your box’s transportation. Our shipping meets carbon-neutral standards through our shipping partners and through third-party verification. The price of the Zero Waste Box includes a prepaid label for return shipping! The affixed shipping label never expires; whenever your box is full, send it back to TerraCycle, and we’ll #RecycleEverything. 

Delivered to your door and easy to set up 

Zero Waste Box is delivered right to your door, so you can start to recycle your hard-to-recycle items immediately. Once you receive your box, fold the flaps to assemble it together. Place your box in an easily accessible spot and start collecting! If you’re having trouble, here are a step by step instructions. 

About the box 

Our Zero Waste Boxes are made using SFI-certified paper, granted by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative by meeting sustainable procurement standards of forest products and forest management. After your box is sent back to us, we also recycle the plastic liner and cardboard box. 

 New Zero Waste Cases

We’re leveling up our sustainability game with the Zero Waste Case! They are made of durable, 100% recycled PET that might have otherwise ended up in landfills. Zero Waste Case can be repurposed around the house or sent back to us for reuse. You can even use the case for storage, laundry, shopping, and more! We’re experimenting with different versions of the case with the goal of delivering all Zero Waste Boxes in these reusable cases by the end of 2024!

Ready to #RecycleEverything? Browse our Zero Waste Boxes at shop.terracycle.com

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