As the end of the school year approaches, it’s time to start cleaning out your classroom. Between snacks, toys, storage materials, and breakroom trash, classroom cleanouts produce a lot of trash. But that doesn’t mean it all has to end up in landfills; you can recycle with TerraCycle!

Don’t forget to keep your local curbside recycling program in mind—that’s where all your common recyclables should go. A lot of classroom waste often gets overlooked when it comes time to recycle. Just because something looks hard to recycle doesn’t mean it’s destined to end up in landfills. With TerraCycle, you can recycle all kinds of classroom waste—and earn money for your school! Read on to learn more.

Recycling in the classroom

TerraCycle has a number of free recycling programs that you can use to recycle classroom waste!

When dealing with pre-loved toys, donating, swapping, or selling toys that are still in good shape are great ways to extend their life. You can also recycle Hasbro toys and games through the Hasbro Free Recycling Program!

Pencils, pens, markers, and more! Writing utensils are essential for your student’s success. With the Staples Free Recycling Program, you can recycle all writing instruments—of any brand! No matter how many pens and pencils your students go through, we’ll recycle them all!

Recycling in the teacher’s lounge

We know that coffee is a staple in the teacher’s lounge. Instead of throwing away your coffee bags, recycle them through the Ethical Bean Free Recycling Program! This program accepts all brands of flexible plastic coffee bags, so you can drink up knowing your coffee’s packaging is staying out of landfills. 

Keeping all of your spaces clean is essential for the health and happiness of you and your students. Recycle your Swiffer® brand refills and packaging through the Swiffer Free Recycling Program. Fight dust, dirt, and waste build-up in our landfills! 

Keeping the three R’s in your classroom

Try to keep the three R’s in mind all year in your classroom: reduce the amount of trash you produce, reuse as many classroom materials as possible, and recycle what you can at curbside, and for your hard-to-recycle items, there’s TerraCycle! You can even create fun collection bins with your students for TerraCycle-bound items. 

Aside from helping the planet, recycling with TerraCycle means helping your school too! Earn TerraCycle points when you send in shipments of trash through select TerraCycle free recycling programs! Sign up for as many recycling programs as you want to maximize the earnings for your school. Want to learn more? Check out our school recycling resource hub!

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