A Guide to D.I.Y Projects

In addition to recycling, reusing and composting waste, TerraCycle also has a team of Design Junkies who upcycle some of the collected waste. In collaboration with many of the world’s biggest companies, TerraCycle is working hard to bring upcycling solutions to many forms of waste – e.g. making juice pouches into backpacks, making granola wrappers into shower curtains and even making tables out of doors at our London office, as shown in the picture. Many of these upcycled products can be purchased through DwellSmart.

Upcycling is a great way for you to dispose of things you consider waste and at the same time increase the value of the items. If you want to try out upcycling yourself, TerraCycle’s team of Design Junkies has made a few do-it-yourself templates where they explain how you can turn your own waste into something entirely new.

Besides TerraCycle’s D.I.Y templates, there are lots of green bloggers and creative Youtubers who inspire and encourage people to upcycle their waste.

There are lots of great opportunities for you to start your own upcycling projects. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Cute lunch bags

The blog Upcycle That has a lot of tutorials on how to make your own upcycling projects. For instance, the blog offers a tutorial on how to make cute lunch bags for your children. By upcycling plastic bags, fabric and parchment paper, you will be able to craft a lunch bag for your child that is very easy to clean if it gets messy. Watch the tutorial here.

Spoil your cat

Do you want to be extra kind to your cat? This upcycled cat tent is an easy and creative way to make your cat happy. All you need is a piece of cardboard, two wire hangers, and an old t-shirt. In no more than 10 easy steps, your cat tent is ready to be used. Watch the tutorial here.

How about challenging your upcycling skills?

If you are experienced at upcycling how about a more extensive project? For many people upcycling has become a way of life. When people get more skilled at making the smaller objects (e.g. decorations for their homes) they move on to bigger projects – upcycled furniture. If you are intrigued by the idea of taking your upcycling to the next level you can find inspiration for your very own upcycle furniture project here.

There are countless ways of upcycling. The only limit is your imagination. Please share your latest project with us!


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