In the United States, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) estimates that up to 29.1 million tons of Universal Waste are generated annually. 

Universal Waste is produced widely by households and many different types of businesses. It is regulated by the EPA because it can have harmful effects on human health or the environment when it is managed improperly.

Our TerraCycle Regulate Waste division created a brand new product called BulkPak to help make Universal Waste recycling safe and easy. 

  1. Keep Up with Federal and State Regulations 

Many states require lamp recycling and proper disposal of ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste by law. Make sure you are compliant with your state regulations.

  1. Get Recycling in Minutes 

Our VaporShield® lined boxes are provided for each waste material, allowing for turn-key safe setup, collection, and storage.  Everything comes packaged together, and you don’t need any extra materials, allowing set up to be completed in 10 minutes or less.

The one-of-a-kind modular pallet enables your site to ship multiple waste streams via freight with no additional supplies or complicated packaging requirements.

  1. Improve Recycling Operations

Our innovative BulkPak program combines the very best elements of the traditional EasyPak™ mail-back program and our high volume freight services to make recycling easy and more affordable. 

Recycle a wide range of materials, including e-waste, batteries, lights, and other hard-to-recycle and regulated materials. BulkPak is perfect for those businesses without a Universal Waste recycling program.

  1. It is Cost-Effective

Over the lifecycle of a fluorescent lamp, the cost to recycle is less than 1% of the ownership cost. Recycling your lamps and obtaining a recycling certificate is also a guaranteed way to avoid fines and costly enforcement action, which can easily exceed the cost of lamp recycling.

Each BulkPak includes the pallet, containers, return shipping, and recycling.

  1. Make a difference

Implementing a Universal Waste recycling program, like BulkPak, within your organization is a quick and inexpensive step in the sometimes daunting “green” process. Having a recycling program in place can also be useful for employee and customer loyalty and morale.

Recycling your lamps and other Universal Waste is the right thing to do. As the saying goes, “every little bit counts,” and keeping Universal Waste out of our landfills and reusing natural resources is a big step towards a sustainable world.

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