Living a more sustainable lifestyle and figuring out how to live low waste is easier than you think! Start by looking around your home and community for what’s available and you’ll find that reduce, reuse, and recycle are right at your fingertips. TerraCycle, yours in eliminating waste, is here for a more sustainable YOU in 2022. 

Here’s how you can get started:

Check Your Local Recycling Guidelines

Every town has different recycling guidelines. There are commonly accepted recyclable items such as glass, aluminum, and cardboard, but only some facilities can afford to recycle all seven types of plastic. Check out your town’s website for what is accepted for your local curbside recycling. Recycling right can reduce pollution, preserve waterways, and conserve energy.   


Recycle everything with TerraCycle! Find your favorite brand products on the TerraCycle website to see what can be recycled with us. Self-care, home cleaning, kid’s toys, car seats, clothes, and more can all be recycled with TerraCycle. Watch your waste take on new life as playgrounds, picnic benches, watering cans, and more!

Ask Yourself: Do I need this?

The first and best eco-friendly option is to use and buy less. There are so many opportunities to say no to more clutter and waste in your home. From new clothes to take out food to trinkets around the house, ask yourself, do I need this or can I wear that dress in my closet again, eat the leftovers in the fridge, and find ways to reuse single-use products.

Get Creative 

Think inside the box by utilizing what’s already in your home. Get cozy and stay home in 2022 instead of running out to the store by giving items you already own a new life. Thread your sewing needle and make some repairs to old clothes. After using a spray bottle, fill it up with water, vinegar, and essential oils for an all-purpose cleaner. There are so many ways to reuse!

Food storage limits food waste.

One of the best ways to reduce food waste is storing your food in containers. Wash your fresh produce when you get home from the store and seal it tight to keep fruits and veggies fresh for weeks. Jars, glass containers, or even reused to-go containers can limit food waste and keep you munching healthier, longer. 

Low waste living can be innovative and exciting. When you’re trying to meet those New Year resolutions, think about these helpful steps to get you there. How are you supporting your habits to be successful? And remember— TerraCycle is always here to support your recycling needs.

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  1. Thanks Terracycle, I try my best to reduce and reuse, but your boxes help so much with all the rest because plastic seems to be everywhere and in everything!!

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