Spring has sprung! If you’re ready for a deep clean and a fresh start to the season, we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips, broken down by room, to help you clean and effectively recycle.


Tip #1:  Make your clean green! Try making your own cleaning products with what’s in your kitchen! Bonus: You can recycle Vileda® Mop Head Refills, Gloves and Scrunge Sponges with TerraCycle.

  Tip #2: Coffee lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know you can recycle all brands of flexible coffee bags through the Ethical Bean Coffee Free Recycling Program.

Tip #3: Still have little ones at home? Recycle HEINZ BY NATURE™ baby food pouches with TerraCycle.


Tip #4: Your recycling bin doesn’t just have to live in your kitchen. Put one in your bathroom for easy access too!

Tip #5: You can recycle your DivaCup® cups and DivaWipes® packaging with TerraCycle!

  Tip #6: Did you know we work with some of your favorite skincare brands like eos and haircare brands like Living Proof?

Tip #7: You can recycle ALL brands of blades, razors, and plastic packaging through the Gillette® Free Recycling Program.

Laundry Room

Tip #8: Did you know air-drying your clothes can help reduce your carbon footprint? Try it out this spring and don’t forget to recycle your Sunlight® & Purex® detergent plastic pouches.

Family Room

Tip #9: When well-loved Hasbro toys just can’t be donated, you can recycle them through the Hasbro Free Recycling Program.

Tip #10: Got a drawer full of dry pens and broken pencils? You can recycle all used writing instruments through the Staples Free Recycling Program.

Happy cleaning!

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