Did you know that the average college student produces more than 600 pounds of trash? Your college community can be more sustainable by using Zero Waste Boxes as a simple, all-in-one solution to recycle hard-to-recycle trash. Transform dedicated learning areas into recycling hubs for students and professors to focus their efforts on making a difference for the planet! 

Here are 5 tips to #RecycleEverything on campus:

1. Reach out to school administrators about the amount of waste coming from high-traffic areas 

Does your school have a sustainability plan like Harvard University? If so, your school may already be looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly. If not, now’s a perfect time to ask your school if a sustainability plan is in the works! Introduce your school administrators to Zero Waste Boxes as a solution for all of the hard-to-recycle trash that campuses create. Popular areas such as the cafeteria, library, or gym are in-demand locations to collect trash that is typically not accepted for curbside recycling. Zero Waste Boxes can save snack wrappers, personal care products, disposable masks, and other plastic packaging from landfills and incinerators.

2. Fundraise with the environmental club for Zero Waste Boxes

Sustainability clubs looking to take effective action that manages waste right on your campus can choose to fundraise for Zero Waste Boxes! Clubs are a great way to bond with like-minded students who are paving the way for eco-friendly solutions. When you put your minds together, you can save pounds of hard-to-recycle products from landfills or incinerators. Plus, it will add some action to your resume!

3. Bond with your dorm roommates to be eco-friendly leaders in the building

Dorm bonding is a top priority for new neighbors and peers, especially when you are helping the planet. Schools have allotted budgets to fund group activities, student bonding, and even improve the school environment. Work with your Resident Assistance to plan how to fund the boxes that will eliminate waste in your building.

4. Team up for sports events, plays, and large events

Campus events all have budgets, advocate for Zero Waste Boxes to be included in the budget so you can recycle trash accumulated at the events. Colleges and universities hold large games, plays, tailgates, and other events that unite the community. Zero Waste Boxes can unite the community in zero-waste living. Keep the planet clean for future game-time action and annual events that get the student body excited for school spirit and recycling. 

5. Advertise that your campus can #RecycleEverything 

New and prospective students love to see their school going green. Once you have Zero Waste Boxes on campus, work with your school to advertise and share how easy it is to recycle beauty products, snack wrappers, stationary, and more with Zero Waste Boxes! 

Being part of a large college community can give you the support, funds, and movement against the global waste crisis. Tap into sustainable-minded peers around you to make more recycling solutions available on campus!

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