It’s the season of giving—but do we really need more stuff? Eco-minded friends and family members can be hard to shop for because they value sustainability over things. That’s where Zero Waste Box comes in! A Zero Waste Box is the perfect gift for the Earth-lovers in your life.

Need help finding the perfect box? Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

For the crafter

We all have that family member or friend who makes the best homemade gifts! The small details take time for that heartfelt home decor, printed t-shirt, or personalized scrapbook. The Art Supplies – Zero Waste Box recycles everything from paint brushes to crayons!

For the DIYer

Whether they’re fixing your car or the shelf in your bathroom, they know how to do it themselves. There is a Zero Waste Box for everything from automotive small parts, to garage separation, to power strips and cords, so the do-it-yourselfer in your life can #RecycleEverything after a day of hard work. 

For the entrepreneur or small business owner

Support your friend’s eco-friendly small business by gifting a Zero Waste Box. We have recycling solutions for e-waste, office supplies, shipping materials, and even ink and toner.

For the educator

Classrooms can produce a lot of trash—art supplies, dried-up markers, and even snack packaging and candy wrappers. Gift the educator in your life an Art Supplies or Candy and Snack Wrappers Zero Waste Box.

For the makeup maven

Our Beauty Products and Packaging Zero Waste Box is a must-have for any beauty maven who is always trying new trends or switching up their skincare routine.

For the animal lover

There is a Zero Waste Box for everything from pet toys to athletic balls to pet food packaging for the animal lover in your life.

For the adventurer

From hiking to traveling or biking, this person is always on the go! Gift them a Sporting Goods or Snack and Candy Packaging Zero Waste Box so they can #RecycleEverything and leave no trace! 

For the party host

We all have that one friend or family member who throws epic parties. Gift the eco-friendly entertainer in your life a Zero Waste Box for Dining Disposables and Party Supplies, Corks, or Holiday Decorations.

For the busy parent

Whether it’s packing lunches, organizing after-school activities, or fueling up with extra-large coffees on the go, we have recycling solutions for busy parents like the Kitchen Separation Zero Waste Box.

Check out all the sustainable gifts TerraCycle has to offer here and get your green friends and family gifts that they’ll truly appreciate!

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