If you love incorporating doing good into your daily routines, then you’ll love the Ethical Bean Coffee Free Recycling Program! Ethical Bean is committed to helping the planet, so they want to help you green your morning routine by partnering with us here at TerraCycle. Now you can enjoy your cup of coffee, then recycle the bag!

So far, we’ve recycled more than ONE TON of coffee bags through the Ethical Bean Coffee Free Recycling Program, keeping them from entering  landfills and incinerators—that’s over 3,000 lbs, to be exact! That’s the same size as a female hippo 🤯🦛.

Help make an impact, AND it’s free to participate. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a TerraCycle account.
  2. Join the Ethical Bean Coffee Free Recycling Program.
  3. Start collecting your coffee bags.
  4. When you’re ready to ship, download a free shipping label and send your coffee bags to be recycled by TerraCycle.

This program collects and recycles ALL brands of flexible coffee bags, so get your friends, family, and neighbors involved to keep even more coffee bags out of landfills. 

Brew, sip, recycle, ahhhhh ☕️😋

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  1. What is a Flexible Coffee Bag. We use MacDonalds loose coffee and use refillable coffee pods.

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