TerraCycle® partnered with Earthborn Holistic® pet food to recycle its pet food and dog treat packaging at a TerraCycle drop-off location near you. Making pet food for generations, Earthborn Holistic® pet food cares about creating a sustainable community now and for the years to come. Through this partnership and recycling program, over 900,000 bags have been recycled, and over $50,000 has been donated to local pet charities across the U.S.!


Decisions on pet products impact health and the planet.

More and more consumers are looking toward companies with questions: What is their mission? Are they keeping the environment in mind? Is their product healthy for my furry friends?

Food for Thought. Choose a brand with natural ingredients to meet all your pet’s nutritional needs. High-quality proteins, superfood blends, and ancient grains are best when it comes to maintaining a healthy life for your four-legged friend. Check out  Earthborn Holistic’s ingredients that support sensitive skin, heart health, and the immune system of your pet.

Creating PAWS-itive change. Talk to other pet owners and local leaders about building a healthier planet together. Work with your community to find sustainable solutions by getting involved, recycling, and dropping off your used Earthborn Holistic® bags at a nearby pet store.

You can also join Earthborn Holistic’s UPCs for Trees program to help plant trees in areas of need around the world. To join, all you have to do is cut the UPC barcode out from empty Earthborn Holistic pet food bags and mail them to Earthborn Holistic® Food for Pets or drop them off at a participating Earthborn Holistic location that also has a UPC envelope on their ReBorn bin.

The UPCs are then sent back to Earthborn and then tally up the number of UPCs we buy trees to plant through our partner, Trees for the Future. (https://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/blog/our-values-and-products/planting-trees-with-upcs-for-trees-2/)

Find a location near you. Local retailers in your community, such as pet stores, are recycling Earthborn Holistic®, Venture™, and UNREFINED™ packaging right in their store through an official Earthborn ReBorn™ collection bin. View the interactive map to find a participating location near you!

Together, TerraCycle and Earthborn Holistic® create opportunities for sustainable decisions to keep the planet and your pup happy and healthy!


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  1. The Farmers Dog company does a good job with sending their products in recyclable materials. Does the Earthborn folks take other doggie items to recycle.

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