Some of our old things gather nostalgia, while others just gather dust. Whether it’s game pieces without their board game, electronics that croaked a decade ago, or those decaying craft supplies you swore you’d do something with someday…deep down, you know it’s time for a closet clean-out.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to throw anything away in the garbage and contribute to landfills. You can recycle it, and see it made into new stuff! By making new items from materials we’ve collected and recycled together, this valuable resource never goes to waste. By giving it a second life, “old stuff” becomes new again with TerraCycle Made. From home and organization products, recycled and upcycled gifts, and technology accessories—there’s something for everyone!

There is also a Zero Waste Box™ for everyone and every need, including:

And if you just can’t choose, the All-In-One Box is a great option for you!

After you’ve filled your box with the accepted trash, sending it to us for recycling is simple. Just bring your box with its prepaid shipping label to any UPS shipping location near you. Once received, the box is weighed and checked in, and the materials are sorted and cleaned. Then, they are processed and recycled! Metals are smelted into new products, and plastic materials are shredded into small pieces and converted into pellets and other raw formats which can be used to make all sorts of new things!

You can now shop products made from the trash we’ve recycled together with TerraCycle Made

Today only, get 10% off your TerraCycle Made purchase. No code needed, prices are already discounted! That’s a great way to celebrate National Old Stuff Day!

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