There’s no better way to give back to your community than to lend a helping hand in cleaning it up! Setting up a convenient drop-off point will encourage your community members to recycle trash that would otherwise end up in landfills. All the trash you collect will be recycled through TerraCycle and it’s simple to start and manage a drop-off point.

As the administrator of a drop-off point, you’ll choose the location, select which free recycling programs to participate in, manage your drop-off point, and send collected waste to TerraCycle (with prepaid shipping labels) to be recycled. It’s easy, free, and helps the planet.

PRO TIP: Share duties among a group of friends so it’s even easier!

There are no direct costs to you for running a public drop-off point, in fact, many collectors spend nothing other than their time. You may choose to purchase specific boxes or bins for your drop-off point, but you can also just reuse extra boxes you may already have.  

By collecting trash within your community, you’ll be able to send in larger shipments that are more efficient to transport and process, further reducing your carbon footprint. As an added bonus, you’ll earn all the TerraCycle points for the waste you send in from your drop-off location, which means you’ll be able to redeem your points for larger donations to the school or charity of your choice.

Ready to get started? Here’s how you can become a public drop-off point:

  1. Update Your Profile

Sign in to your TerraCycle account and update your profile with details about your drop-off location.

  1. Request to Join

Request to join the programs you’re interested in for your drop-off point.

  1. Review Eligibility

TerraCycle will review and quickly respond to your requests to join programs.

  1. Start Recycling

Once approved, your location will be added to the public map. People can now recycle at your drop-off point!

Share your excitement for recycling and love for the planet with your community by becoming a public drop-off point today.

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